Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What experience does Ideal Roof Storage Solutions have?

A.  Ideal Roof Storage Solutions specialise in attic ladders & attic storage, also being registered builders we also offer renovation services. Our team has 17 years of experience under its belt and are members of the master builders association.



Q. Will there be dust?

A. Yes there will be a small amount of dust for a small amount of time with attic ladders installed into a plasterboard ceiling. Unfortunately, Lath & Plaster ceilings will produce a lot of dust, every job undertaken with a ceiling of this type will be supplied with the correct protection work and extraction fans to  eliminate this dust from spreading through your house. 

Q. How long does the construction of a Dust Proof Room take?

Attic Ladder & Flooring packages will take approximately 1 day. Dust Proof Rooms  vary by their size, and what will be tackled within your ceiling. For example: 10-20m2 will take approximately 2-3 days, 20-30m2 approximately 3-5 days. The removal of large items from the ceiling, such as hot water service units and similar may push this time out a little.

Q. Do I require Building permits?

Your roof space will be assesed by a registered builder, who will determine what steps need to be taken in order to give you what you want.




Q. Can we start small and add later.

A. YES at Ideal Roof Storage Solutions we don’t push you into a sale, as we don’t use salesmen! Only qualified Carpenters will be entering your home from start to finish. We like to encourage a well thought out process when deciding what is right for you and your home. Our team are more than happy to start an element of the job and consult later if you require anything added or extra space.