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Transform your unused attic space into an easily accesable storage area, or a completely dust free, clean environment.

Our company director will attend your home, or business, and assess the suitability of your attic regarding structural integrity. As a registered building practitioner, you can be confident the assessment will take into account all necessary compliance with Australian standards. Within a few days one of our qualified carpenters will create your new space with minimal interruption to your home life, or business. 

The installation process;
- ladder installation,
- lay flooring, 
- add kick boards to the lower half of the room,
- wrap the area with either white cell insulation, or pine line for a contemporary design feel.

To maximise the use of your transformed space add;
- smoke detectors,
- access doors to the rest of your roof space,
- lighting,
- ventilation
- skylights.

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